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Bringing The Heat

Casa Romero

Mexican Grill

Casa Romero Mexican Grill. It was started by three cousins ​. Cesar Romero , Enrique Romero and Martin Romero. children of  twin sisters which have the surname ROMERO . the three cousins ​​were born and raised in a poor village called  "Chimalhuacán " enjoying the traditional food of the state of Mexico , but with the joy of also enjoy the delicious food of our mothers , who come from Guadalajara, now we bring those delicious and traditional Mexican cravings to Casa Romero Mexican Grill. In the state of Mexico you can find from tortas , tacos , quesadillas, sopes , huearaches , pambazos and much more


Welcome to the home of the “Steak on the Stone”
offering from  sirloin steak , T bone steak , skirt steak and more


With the traditional Mexican rice, pinto beans, mozzarella cheese and your favorite meat. 

Casa Romero Mexican Grill 

 offers a unique flavor , with fresh food from guacamole , tortas , tacos, sopes, flautas, steak and much more.

everything  made with  products of the highest quality .

Our Specialties

Our Team

Traditional Mexican Food

Mexican Beverages

We offer a variety of mexican beverages from natural flavored waters to the traditionals mexican sodas.

Street tacos

bringing the real flavor from our land "CHIMALHUACAN" 

from carnitas, chorizo, al pastor, tripa, lengua and much more.